Enough about Facebook already

Can anybody tell me on how to reach Facebook? I’m having trouble logging into my account. For like 2 weeks I enter a new password and it says it will take 24 hours to reset so I wait and go back in the next day and it tells me that I typed in the wrong password. I’ve changed my email and password, still nothing. PLEASE HELP.

The Omnium Gatherum

After spending numerous hours of my awake life on the Internetto (that’s Spanish for “crazy web of facts and lies”), I’ve come to the conclusion that there are as many people talking smack about Facebook and their hatred of the incessant, rambling chatter its users partake in as there are Facebook users who post such crap in the first place.

The number of people writing op-eds, blog posts and generally complaining about how their Facebook friends don’t use the social media site to say anything intelligent or useful seems so high, I’m surprised these people even still have friends. Admittedly, I myself wrote an editorial on post overload a year ago (on page 7). I was attempting to make a point, of course.

Like most Internet users, I’ve had a Facebook account for a while now (is there anyone out that is only just hopping on the bandwagon now? If…

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