Angry Birds Is Coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day

Can anybody tell me on how to reach Facebook? I’m having trouble logging into my account. For like 2 weeks I enter a new password and it says it will take 24 hours to reset so I wait and go back in the next day and it tells me that I typed in the wrong password. I’ve changed my email and password, still nothing. PLEASE HELP.


In a development sure to kill office productivity around the world, Rovio founder Peter Vesterbacka announced that Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day.

Vesterbacka told Asian tech blog Penn Olson that Rovio is looking to capitalize on Facebook’s 800 million users by selling power-ups such as special, more powerful birds for 99 cents.

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He claims that 40 percent of Angry Birds gamers would be willing to pony up cash for upgrades, as compared to only 3 or 4 percent for other games, although he never elaborates on how he got to that number.

Still, there’s good reason to believe that lots of people will spend their hard-earned money on a free Facebook game. Why? Because Rovio is also introducing leaderboards, where gamers will get to see how they stack up against each other.

Injecting competitive spirit into an already…

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