The Facebook Timeline and You

Can anybody tell me on how to reach Facebook? I’m having trouble logging into my account. For like 2 weeks I enter a new password and it says it will take 24 hours to reset so I wait and go back in the next day and it tells me that I typed in the wrong password. I’ve changed my email and password, still nothing. PLEASE HELP.

Randall Jefferson

On Tuesday of this week Facebook announced that it will begin roll out of the new Facebook timeline will be coming to all users in the next few weeks. This means if you dont already have it, you will be converted to it automatically. See the story on Mashable. Some people have had the new timeline page since September when developers got a hold of it. A friend of mine had it then and I thought it was pretty cool when I saw his page back in October. Its incredible how Facebook has remembered just about everything you have ever done its site. Also a little frightening when it comes to privacy but you can opt what to show on your timeline too. It tracks back all the way till when you were born which for most little happened between birth and when you started using Facebook, just a line showing…

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